My Journey Through The Game of Golf

Golfing is the best sport ever

Golf is my Passion

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The Man, the Legend


I started golfing when I was a teenager. My brother and I used to use golf as a reason to get out of the house and evade chores. Now, many years later, the only chores I have are related to golf. 


I am a working professional in the field of golf. I work as an administrator at a private club, and spend my free time volunteering and coaching golf at a local youth center.


Why I Started a Blog


I started a blog for a very simple reason- lots of awesome stuff happens to me because of my involvement in golf and I want to share these great moments with as many people as possible.


In addition, I think I have lots to offer when it comes to teaching golf. I love teaching on my free time and would like to help as many people learn to enjoy golf as possible.


I have let my passion for golf become a lifestyle.

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